Brandon is a moron






Can dogs get aids?

Im gonna finger bang you with a pickle

No mans zone

Limpia el barrer (he/she clean to sweep)

Dust my food Bleebitch

“You think this is over.” *squishes green beans

“Stop”, rub pizza on table


Take off your feet *sexually*



Within the taint

Discovered vinesauce

Transexual montrosities


Bang! Bang! *plastic fork*

My hands are disintegrating

Star wars got pamped

I can hear them staring

Blood flows south

Slip a hickey in a bar drink

Is To Kill a Mockingbird based off of a true story?

Their his father “when talking about trumps children

bring the 30s



Cook plates

Sporadic spontation

Eyes sockets fall out

Sounds like a a sail

The left deli

I lost my phone I have to start a campfire

Duct tape u shut

Greasy rojo

Deacon is beacon

Black window

Cough on your spit


Left asshole


Drums are guitars

This Is a pizza



Ear drops for sunburn

Uncle bet

Solo que

not soliloquy

I’m not in geometry im in easy geometry


The janitor game with the little broom

Isn’t he a Indian princess

Use your shirt as a cum stain

Bombing in the Islam

Does the state require us to do all fingers

EEL= Ell=El

Old people The have a lot of toes

I hate swedens

The yender they are the better they r

If they bomb you it’s racist

Is Italy gonna have Stalin

Hola hop

Why is this kid my kid

Amazon is android

Camelback is cameltoe

Hey guys and Bra responds hey guys

That umbrella looks like a crane

EIi actually met Eli actually it’s really funny like

That kid has a radio in is stomach

Charmanders final is blastoise

Bulbasoarus final is master sword

Can you choke when your speaking

Are u charging the iPad(gamepad)

Brandon got sugar to put on popcorn

turret is turrent

Smoking high and getting weed

Marley quinn

All third world countries get hot

Puerto Rico is a 8th world country

Her dad really likes the Beatles because there’s guitars everywhere

Eli sheds

All white girls like Justin beiber

Why you a social justice

I’m glad time doesn’t change

Do you let autistic kids touch you

You want to hear the thing about scars batman they stab

Playing with my friend (a zit)

Bleach your skin

I’m not a painee/painting

March 2017 is Lakeland massacre


I might be far but I’m close

Swim in the beach

Can’t speak because there’s a fork up your knife

Satirically kill you


Elmo had sex with miss piggy and ducked

Head glasses

Asks waiter if it’s for drinks and he says no for entrees and then Brandon asks for a Sprite

He’s eating chocolate chips in front of the British

Man is God

Nogo Cabo

Fridge boy

Aidan is iris

Speaking of enemy where is my shoe

Deplorable means people who get deported


Embowel Aidan

Malcom x was a mortar

That’s the straw that broke straws back

Venus supreme

Add that to the salt

I gave mr.jacques a bad blowjob so he gave me A 57

I’m going to the Whitehouse to tell Putin

A milk Xl instead of xd

We’re going to wasabi

Draining the North Pole

Nexus = switch

Trash compartment

Jump the piggie

Stepped his text dad

Brandon likes meat that’s meat

The minority is the majority

Russia is big

Not these two women these two people

Not only are they more biological

Dirty ham rape


Have a two way

Space sixteen

In the future there will be electrical energy

I’m gonna play basketball with a placenta

C section makes retards

“I only went with Teddy because I wanted to get away from Mark” (Mark is sitting directly behind him, facing his back)

I’m good at rape

We look at child porn because we’re popular

She can’t run because she doesn’t have a eye

Cosmetology is study of asshole

The Retard pace

Two idiots doing a puzzle equals one puzzle

Philosophy = sex Ed

I’m gonna enter through a entrance

Bohemian rapody

Re Partions

The tumble rolls

Southern blue bird= sola son ban

You look at her like a piece of ham sandwich

Don’t like sweet stuff with meat = pineapple pizza

I have the cops the number

Old soldiers never change

Your joke doesn’t fly because flies don’t fly

Don’t let him stand up for yourself

Hasn’t seen his dick

I have 8 term memory


You’ll be light headed when I punch

Go back to sauron

The executor took down the tumblr

He is the dropper of time

Can eat his energy

Nickilodeon yea that’s nick

I can hear your phone tingling

Cars run

This Highschool is pretty husky

I’m gonna shoot with respect

Blackjack = 21

His penis smells like laughter

Sub particle nihilism

Black people are inherently racist

Power brick = cube

I need to comb my hair grabs knife

Stephen hawking believes in world

The final straw they put on the camel

Stalin is Italian


Spiders are insects

Cavalry = cannon


Hygenically raped

Take two little soaps to make big one.

I can’t find my penis

Yellow metal is silver


Dwayne the wire Johnson

Rape buddies

Vegetarian dildo

It’s 1985 therefore I’m in Vietnam

White can’t be racist

I took a crap and now I’m full

The epitome of the human race

Freddy cougar = vangoh

Cargo jeans

We’re losing turbulence

Yes I’m in Jeff sessions

My monitor runs at 24hz

Dick cheney is a store brand

Hugh Hackman stopped playing wolverine because jerry Seinfeld canceled Seinfeld

What verb do you use for quantity “quantity”

Where did you get the bargain bin

People die at cemetery

Catch honey with fly

Mohndi ghandi

Reggie from mine craft

Speak of the devil the devil has rised

My dick is relative

The silence gets bigger and bigger

8 years old = 8th grade

Sweet life Alabama

I have a forest

Wants to Fuck Jake